Creating Greater Alignment In Your Life Starting Today

Live Your Dream Life

Every one of my clients is seeking one thing: A greater alignment to the life they want to live. Their own version of a dream life. This is a soul searching process. It’s much more than letting go of extra weight, quitting destructive habits, and learning how to destress. These are very important steps and part of the overall process of coming into alignment with that dream life. Yet, my clients are often seeking a mind-body-spirit life alignment. I’m going to share with you some of the key areas that we partner on when working toward this goal.

How You Can Create Greater Alignment In Your Life Starting Today

1.  The Band-Aid Ripper. This healthy dose of “tough love” is a necessary first step. If you really want the life you say you do then I’m here to tell you that NOW IS YOUR TIME! Time to take 100% responsibility for your life. Time to stop procrastinating, time to stop blaming others, time to stop complaining, time to stop envying someone else’s life. The only person who is responsible for the quality of life you live is YOU. Get on that page and you’re well on your way to seeing success! This is the ultimate first step… beyond this, there is no particular order. However, you might consider the value of how I work in these next steps with my clients.   


Life Coach For Dream Life


2.  BeYOUtifully Designed Lives Are Designed With Purpose. Don’t short change yourself on taking time to understand what it is you truly want and why you want it. I often hear clients talk about all of the things they want but when we truly dig deeper we learn they really don’t want half of the things they think they do. It is so important to get really clear on the what and why around our goals before chasing new pursuits that may lead you down a different path. 

3.  Trust Fall. Not like when you were in school or at one of those cheesy corporate bonding weekends. I’m not going to ask you to stand on a platform and fall back with your eyes closed, arms crossed gripping your chest for dear life, hoping you’ll land in the arms of your darling co-workers. Rather, once you spend time gaining clarity around the life you want it’s then time to put your energy where your heart is. This is when you make the decision to trust that this new blueprint of a life really IS possible. 

It is at this point many of my clients come up against a brick wall. This is because the subconscious mind has blueprints of it’s own and has been running on these designs since they were created. In order to make permanent adjustments to the blueprint you need to have access to your subconscious mind and know how to adjust the design. It is when we simply try to build something new over this old architecture that we may find ourselves experiencing self-sabotage. It’s not that we’re bad or incapable of change or success. It’s that there is a conflicting blueprint that has been layered over years with reinforcing events that act as the structure of your life as you currently see and know it today. It’s not impossible to change but you’ll likely deal with a constant battle against old programming. Whenever I have a coaching client that deals with this sort of problem we use hypnosis and NLP techniques to quickly identify and start transforming the old blueprint to better serve their new life design. 

HypnoCoach Level Up

4.  Commitment For Fulfillment. If you want to reach your goal then you have to be willing to stick with it! I have clients who struggled with motivation and lack of commitment and around the time they were going to “level up” they stopped or got cold feet. I want to remind you that it is normal to experience this. In fact, you need to expect it. Learning that where your ceiling is will prompt you to know when you have to gear up to smash through it. This glass ceiling is a system of learned limits about what is possible for you to achieve. That’s why so many people find they can get to a certain point in their fitness goals but then seemingly slip at some point and regain the weight back. There is a belief that determine not if you can succeed, but how much success you’re allowed to have. Think that’s crazy? Ask yourself where you come up against that ceiling in your own life. Maybe it’s not weight. Perhaps it’s how much income you can make, or wealth you’re able to build, or how productive you capable of being, how long you’re able to feel confident before you cycle back to defeated again.

My point is that without a stern commitment to your goals you’ll reach the ceiling, bump your head and sit back down like you have numerous times before. Commitments take will power, perseverance, clarity of goal, belief, and often a greater sense of accountability in reaching these new limits. This is one reason people use coaches, right? We all need that support and partnership in reaching beyond our learned limits. Even if you’re not ready to work with a coach you can start making commitments to yourself right now to get one step closer to that version of life you’ve been dreaming of. 

Start by asking yourself: 

If nothing held me back from making changes so I could start living my dream life then…

I would be _______
I would do _______
I would start to see ________
I would start to feel ________
I would think ________
I would sound like ________

Could you see it? Feel it? If you’re ready to level up and get serious, think you could use the help, or simply want to learn more about what my coaching is all about then get on my calendar and schedule a Clarity Call.



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