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6 Human Needs

Everyone experiences the same six human needs, yet we all find different ways to satisfy these needs. We meet these needs in positive and constructive ways or negative and destructive ways.

We must learn to understand that these needs are not goals or desires but the basic human needs behind every choice, belief, and action we make. These are such an innate part of who we are that we must make time to study and understand them better. Once we know what and why we can begin to choose better on how we meet these needs, we have a greater opportunity to understand why life is how it is and, more importantly, how to facilitate change life.

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The Universe Is Providing At All Times

The Universe Is Providing At All Times

The universe is always providing for us. Whether we recognize the provision or not is another story. If you are struggling to receive or understand your current situation, you might consider these three suggestions:  1. Ask for what it is you want. We often think we have communicated what we want or

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Nina Saurer Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, also known as Yogic Sleep, is a meditative practice that allows your consciousness to reach a powerful place between your sleeping and waking state. This state of mind is transformative and can be used to promote stress-relief, deep relaxation, and lessen anxious feelings. Yoga Nidra is most useful

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