What Is Hypno-Coaching?

Hypnosis to unlock the door

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to unlock your deep inner mind. 
Whenever we desire to make a shift in our mindset, there are often hidden mental blocks that limit us in reaching our full potential. We typically do not know these blocks are there until we attempt to move beyond them. Using our deep inner mind in this way helps to anchor in more sustainable changes where habits and beliefs are formed. 

Coaching to help reach your goal

Coaching engages your conscious level of thinking. This cognitive environment is where you are able to increase awareness, build action plans, have those important “Aha! moments” which motivate and inspire you to continue on to reach your goal.

Is Coaching Right For Me?

The fact that you are here is proof that you have already started the journey!

I want to congratulate you on your dedication to yourself. It is a radical act of self-love to embrace these next few steps. It’s not for the faint of heart either. This journey will leave you a changed person. You won’t be able to comfortably go back to where you started.


For that reason, I ask you these questions:

  • Are you ready to see what’s been holding you back?


  • Are you ready to see limiting and destructive beliefs annihilated?


  • Are you ready to uncover your true potential?


  • Are you ready to stop accepting excuses and start thriving in the solution?


  • Are you ready to see your life change in big ways? 

If you answered yes, then read on because this coaching program will show you how to...

  • Use the power of your deep inner mind to work for you to get what you want

  • Discover how to activate self-healing for your mind, body, and spirit

  • Launch your own business, your brand, or career to the next level

  • Manifest your deepest desires more effortlessly, every time

  • Learn to trust your intuition and lean into your unique gifts

  • Create the version of life you have always wanted to live

  • Do the things you have only up to now dreamed of doing

  • Share your gifts with the world

Our work together is a journey, not a destination. Yet, as with any journey, it is important to recognize the milestones along the way. For this reason, when we start our work together we always begin with the end in mind. What you are creating is a masterpiece. It pays to have an idea of what you want it to be, feel, look, and sound like.

"If you don't know where you're going you'll end up somewhere else."
~Yogi Berra

Creating the life of your dreams takes imagination, strategy, and courage.

My job is to help you unlock these areas.


"The man who has no imagination has no wings."
~ Muhammad Ali

What are you ready to create?

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it."
~William Arthur Ward

Your heart has no limits. It is your mind that needs to be brought into alignment. 

Your mind can create limits and fears that block you from your own highest potential and happiness. Yet, it is also possible to use your mind to deliver that same power to fuel your heart’s desires.

Are you ready to start something new? If yes, then jump on my calendar and set up a complimentary discovery call and be the author of your own story!

Tools + Techniques

Together may use a combination of strategies from my toolbox, including:

Clinical + Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
Goal Setting (Reverse Engineering)
Communication and Conflict-Resolution Skill Building
Relationship Solutions
Peak Performance Training
Meaning-Making and Purpose Discovery
Visualization Techniques
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques
Emotional Freedom Technique
Mindfulness Techniques
Energy Coaching

My coaching methodology is a blend of my training with Tony Robbins + Chloe Madanes Strategic Intervention Coaching program and my own unique style. Read on to learn more about Strategic Intervention Coaching...

The term “Strategic Intervention” was founded by Cloe Madanes, Mark & Magali Peysha, and Anthony Robbins. This grew out of decades of study in the areas of Human Development Psychology, Ayurveda, Strategic Family Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Human Needs Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Neuro-Linguistics, Psychology of Influence, and traditions of diplomacy and negotiations, among others. The goal was to establish new traditions within the helping industry that could empower coaches, teachers, leaders, and health practitioners to create change.

How is coaching different than therapy?

Psychotherapy and counseling generally work within a medical framework to identify and diagnose dysfunctions and prescribe treatment. Coaching is about now, about you and how to take practical steps to make real progress towards your goal(s), relationships, and take ownership over the experience you want.  

More on Hypno-Coaching...

Coaching and hypnotherapy work very well together yet are quite different in approach. This specific model of coaching is an excellent option for clients who need a combination of efforts to move them beyond where they are at to where they most desire to be. Many times, when working with a client we may come across a specific block that we could spend many weeks or months trying to break through only to see short-term success. 

This happens when there is one or multiple beliefs that are stored in the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is responsible for approximately 5-10% of the decisions that you make on a daily basis. This means that around 95% of your life is functioning from a subconscious level, utilizing programming that could be decades old at this point. 

Since the conscious part of your mind can only hold a limited amount of information it is unable to hold onto a lot of information for an extended period of time. It processes confirms with the current programming (subconscious mind), and whatever doesn’t report back as useful or align with the programming is sent to the miscellaneous pile. It doesn’t mean that it is gone entirely from your memory but if your subconscious is like the operating system and your conscious mind wants to make adjustments that change the way the system fundamentally operates you have to go deeper than simply adding a few new lines of code. There is a whole life of “if this, then that” stored into each of our own systems that create a conflict. Know that we are all a work in progress and at times through life, we may experience something that exposes a deep inner belief that may require us to go on a “search and rescue expedition.” Hypnotherapy is extremely effective for situations such as this. 



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