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Triggered To Heal

Want to listen to this article instead? NinaSaurerHypnoCoach · Triggered To Heal When part of you gets “triggered” it can feel fearful, stuck, and overwhelmed. For most of us, we immediately want to avoid these feelings rather than sit in them to learn more. As children, we encounter all sorts of experiences. These experiences come […]

Create The Mind Shift

    Want to make a change in your life somewhere? It begins with a mind shift.  Here are a few ways you can begin shifting your mindset: 1. Take action. Many times people think they have to have everything in place before they can take action. Feel ready, know the outcome. It’s simply not true. […]

6 Human Needs

Everyone experiences the same six human needs, yet we all find different ways to satisfy these needs. We meet these needs in positive and constructive ways or negative and destructive ways.

We must learn to understand that these needs are not goals or desires but the basic human needs behind every choice, belief, and action we make. These are such an innate part of who we are that we must make time to study and understand them better. Once we know what and why we can begin to choose better on how we meet these needs, we have a greater opportunity to understand why life is how it is and, more importantly, how to facilitate change life.