Teaching you how to connect and be led by your higher self, let go of limiting beliefs, and launch your dream life with this 3-month coaching program.

What to expect


This coaching model is grounded in the IFS Therapy model and shares NeuroLinguistics Programming and Self Energy Healing techniques. 

We coach into the parts of you that remain stuck in patterns that are no longer serving you. As these parts share their story, they are invited to connect with your Higher Self for deep, profound healing.
In many cases, Parts enter into an “unburdening process” releasing any negative energetic remnants that have been stuck in the body. Through this process, Parts learn in freedom how to make choices about their role and any potential habits that feel more authentic and joyful.
This helps your Parts function from a higher state and allows you to bring love to all your Parts (all aspects of yourself, negative inner critics, inner children, etc.) even those that cause disruption and trouble. In this way, together, you create the space to find the gifts and talents these Parts have to share with your whole system.

Neuroscience + Psychology + Energy Techniques = Deep Alchemy Coaching

The pace of this process is set by the client and resistance is a non-issue since the coach is not here to fix, heal, or determine what should come next. As a coach, I facilitate a process of upholding respect and safety for my client and all of their Parts, gaining permission to proceed every step of the way from your inner protectors.
Clients who move through this process experience a greater energetic alignment, learning how to eliminate blocks that once drained and misaligned their energy. My client and their Parts experience a wholeness and trust in alignment to their true Self, or Higher Self.
This coaching style is for those who wish to feel more connection within. Who are ready to meet and care for all Parts within, learning how to rest in your own profound inner healer. The healing process centers around the client being the healer, not myself as the coach. This bypasses any dependency on myself and others so that the client can continue to experience this profound and healing relationship after the coaching relationship has come to an end.

You might consider this Coaching Program if you can say yES to any of these

  • You recognize patterns of belief and thought that no longer serve you 
  • You have been in therapy and believe in the healing journey
  • You are ready to take ownership of your life 
  • Feel there is more for you than what you are currently living
  • Naturally good at taking care of others and are learning to take care of yourself
  • Are interested in holistic approaches 
  • Realize time does not heal all things, yet active participation in healing can
  • Understand or are interested in the mind-body-spirit connection and how one aspect effects the whole
  • Have been on a life-long journey of healing and feel it’s time to add new tools to your toolbelt

Got questions?

Most frequent questions and answers

This program can be done in-person at my Medina, OH location or online via Zoom. 

You can mix it up even if that suits your schedule and lifestyle. 

Many clients come into the office if they are close enough while others live out of state and are 100% remote.

NeuroLinguistics Programming (NLP) studies the ways our thoughts affect our behavior.

NLP looks at the ways our brains interpret the signals they receive and how these interpretations affect what we do. It does this through language – the linguistic part of neuro-linguistic programming techniques.

By examining how our brains process information, NLP techniques help us to look at our thoughts, feelings and emotions as things that we can control, rather than things that passively happen to us.

Everything is energy, including your thoughts. We discuss various energy healing techniques and the principles behind them to determine what is going to be most beneficial to you. 

Some people practice what is known as Reiki healing which literally translates ‘Rei’ meaning “divine wisdom” and ‘Ki’ meaning “energy”.  Pranic healing is all about using the body’s life force energy to restore and heal itself.  Crystals and stones may resonate more with someone else who finds the natural qualities and characteristics to channel healing energy.

I personally resonate more with a term which is referred to as Quantum healing. It does not hold a particular theological value or understanding but is based upon the principle of resonance. It uses all energies and allows for a transmutation through simple energetic vehicles such as breathwork. visualization, and mantras to give a few examples. 

Your own inner guidance system will use what it feels most aligned with and we will tailor exercises to work best for you.

This program can be a deeply spiritual experience, yet it is not religious nor does it hold any particular wisdom teaching.

The folds of this program find themselves rooted in the Universal Truths that are accepted personally for each client, Atheist, Christian, Muslim, Pagan, and the like.

There is no dogma and this program does not even offer a belief system. Rather, the object of any personally held belief that is helpful to bring a deeper integration of body, mind, spirit, and soul.

I have been on this journey of learning what self-love, compassion, acceptance, discovery, realization, and actualization are and how to apply them in my life ever since I decided that my life was worth really living.


Up until then, I was merely existing.
I am grateful now to have experienced a painful breaking point that created the ascension of my life from the ashes.
This program is called Deep Alchemybecause of the deep transformation that takes place. This program is not for those looking for someone else to tell them their okay, or to validate their enough-ness.

You will find profound results when you are ready to be:
  • Honest with yourself about what it is you want
  • Open-minded and curious to learn and understand all parts of yourself
  • Willing to meet each part of you to release judgement and blame

This program is as much about teaching you the tools and techniques that you can apply to heal past wounds as well as create a life you are proud and excited to wake up to every day.



October 10-13 * Limited Space