Nina Saurer

Clinical Hypnotherapist + Success Mindset Coach

Nina is a certified Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Strategic Intervention Coach, and Mindset Coach. Nina’s specialty is in helping her clients create a roadmap of success to reach their version of life that they most want to live. 

Nina uses a variety of tools and techniques as she co-pilots with her clients on this journey. Alongside her Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy work, Nina utilizes a variety of coaching methodologies, meditation practices, her ‘90 Day Journal Junkie‘ program, breathwork, her ‘Soul Scavenger Hunt‘ practices, and many more.

"By changing patterns of breathing we can change our emotional states, how we think, and how we interact with the world.”
– Dr. Patricia Gerbarg

The Details

Join Us For this Free 6-Week Breath & Meditation Workshop
Tuesdays from 12-1p (EST)

This 6-week workshop is designed as an introduction to breathwork and guided meditation.

Each week, you are guided into a teaching while learning how to use the power of our breath to connect with our body-mind connection.

After the guided session we have an open forum for any shares.

This 6-week workshop is free of charge and is intended to offer a safe space to connect with a community of women, learning to use the power of breath and the deep inner mind to create a place of calm and serenity within.

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October 10-13 * Limited Space