Setting Yourself Weekly Intentions To Live and Grow By.

It took me a long time to realize the truth: starting each week with a specifc intention is a essential to my success in leading that week with a sense of purpose and direction…

…and then I realized that this is actually the case for not only myself but so many of us! As a result, I’ve decided to start a weekly intention series. Each week, I’ll be sharing a new post on what my intention is and how I will hold space for this intention to take shape over the days that follow. 

With this will be my very first time posting about these weekly intentions I want you to feel free to use my intention for yourself… or if you have something that is more fitting where you’re at right now then go ahead and set your aim within that purpose.

My intention for the week is to be more mindful to what is being offered to me for my greatest good and receive with gratitude. 

When I set an intention I usually have a few go to practices for how I will keep the purpose available and present during that week. Here’s what usually works best for me:

  • Morning meditation 
  • Mindful journaling as a tool to stay present while I collect my thoughts within the flow 
  • Commit to revist my intention daily throughout the week (and throughout the day if needed)
  • Focus on who I am in this moment – this includes appreciating myself for setting the intention, recognizing and living my values, raising my emotional energy
  • Physiology – for this intention I will specifically watch my body posture. Am I open? Or crossing my arms and closed off? Do I sit up straight with my head up? Or am I hunched over and head down? I want to hold myself in a way that allows me to become more observant and open to the experience of receiving my greatest good with a smile. It may sounds silly but trust me, it makes a very real impact on what is being communicated internally within ourselves.

I look forward to hearing about your intentions and what you experience throughout the week. If you’ve never done this before, give it a try! Setting and living by your weekly (and daily) intention is a powerful way to achieve successful mileage toward the roadmap of your larger goal. 

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