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Journey Through The Tarot 3-day Boot Camp


What To Expect

This is a three day intensive workshop which is why it’s referred to as a boot camp. We dig deep into the outer and inner mysteries of the tarot framework which will offer you a grand insight to knowing how to fully utilize the Tarot as an incredible tool for your personal growth.

Starting March 11th, 2021 (6pm-9pm EST)

. Day One .
Getting To Know The Tarot
The Outer Mysteries: Minor Arcana

. Day Two .
The Inner Mysteries: Major Arcana

. Day Three .
Using Your Intuition
Learning The Spreads
Creating Your Own Rituals

Getting To know The Tarot

We start of with a brief introduction to the Tarot which will touch on the history, evolution, and uses. We will briefly discuss the different traditions and some sources of inspiration before taking a deep dive into the Minor Arcana cards themselves.

Outer Mysteries: The Minor Arcana

During this time we break down the Minor Arcana into two sections: The Court Cards and what is less commonly known as The Pip Cards which comprises the ace through tens for each suit. 

Inner Mysteries: The Major Arcana

We take this time to deep dive into The Fools Journey and learn how to read each card as a metaphor for our journey life.

Using Your Intuition

Using Your Intuition

Now that you know the format of each of these cards, the progression, phases, archetypal meanings, numerological significance, etc. I will ask you to push all of that to the back of your mind and teach you how to pay closer attention to what your intuitive knowing will tell you about each card, the placement, the cards around them, and show you how to step back and read the story the cards are showing you.

Spreads + Rituals

Lastly, but certainly not the least, we will explore several spreads to help you read the cards. I also show you how to create your own spreads. The Tarot is personal to the practitioner so the more you create connection with your cards, spreads, and how they work with you the better your readings will be. As a bonus, I will also share some of my rituals with you to offer you some additional ideas of how to bond, play, and have fun with your cards and integrate them in your everyday life.

Tarot Spreads

When You Sign Up You Receive:

Printable PDF Workbook
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Bonus: 1/2 Hour Q + A Session After Each Day

Journey Through The Tarot - Boot Camp

$ 45
  • Printable PDF Workbook
  • Link To Live 3-Day Event
  • Bonus: 1/2 Hour Q + A
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October 10-13 * Limited Space