The Universe Is Providing At All Times

The Universe Is Providing At All Times
The universe is always providing for us. Whether we recognize the provision or not is another story. If you are struggling to receive or understand your current situation, you might consider these three suggestions:
1. Ask for what it is you want.
We often think we have communicated what we want or need yet if you find yourself complaining about what you do not have, what upsets you, or what you don’t want then let me gently remind you that this is not asking for what you want.
I often think it’s so funny when I say that… as if to say the universe doesn’t already know?? I need to spell it out somehow. How ridiculous. Or is it? I believe this is more about aligning our energy and minds for what it is we want. When we get clear and put our intentions out there, just wait and watch what happens.
To sum this up… if you’re always watching for what is lacking, you’ll always see it and in abundance. However, if you get clear on what it is you want and prepare yourself to receive it, you will see all the areas of your life where that specific thing shows up.
Asking For What You Need
2. Expect it to happen and move on to live as if it’s already on it’s way.
If you ask for what you want and then move into disbelief that it will ever happen then you might as well pretend you never asked. This is the difference between lip service and wholehearted faith. If your faith of lack is greater than your faith of abundance you will be right. Every time.
Open To Receive
3. Allowing yourself to receive with gratitude.
Seems obvious, but actually this is the part many have the hardest time with. Whether we have been caught in a cycle of lack or simply believe ourselves to be unworthy, self-sabotage will show up right at the moment things start to come your way.
Allowing yourself to trust that whatever form your desires come back at you that this form is what you need, exactly when you need it.
Learning to allow yourself to receive what you want is a radical act of self-love that if practiced daily can grow into a beautiful and abundant life.



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