What is Hypnotic Programming?

The word programming means the planning, scheduling, or performing of a program. It’s further defined as the process of preparing or instructing an instructional program for a device (such as a computer).

Think of a software engineer for a moment. Their job is to create code to be programmed into a system for the purpose of completing a specific function or command. Hypnotic programming is a process in which I work with my clients to identify the area(s) they wish to see improvement in and develop a customized programming session and speak into the deep inner mind to start embedding powerful and positive suggestions.

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This part of the work I do with my clients is an important tool to help create momentum for the client within their subconscious mind toward a goal they want to achieve! I like to think of this part of what we do as dropping little “love bombs” into the deep inner mind that can start to work alongside our other efforts. I record this part of the session specifically for my client to listen to at home so they can continue to reinforce the new message along with the other work we do. It is part of almost every session but alone will not be enough for many clients to achieve the full breakthrough they desire. This is because so much of what keeps us from living a life of freedom, joy, and accomplishing the life we long for are hidden from us. 

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Imagine I wanted to create a beautiful flower bed where currently weeds are overflowing and choking out what flowers are growing. I could plant more flowers and hope the problem takes care of itself. However, if I spend time identifying what are weeds and clearing them out all the way to the root then I can begin to create the flower bed I truly want!

For this reason, it is only part of the hypnotherapy process and not something that alone will offer the type of changes my clients often desire.

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