Weekly Intention: Striving For Less Than Perfect

Hello dear friends!

My Intention this week is to Strive For Less Than Perfect. 

Yes, you read that correctly. I want to aim my sights for less than perfect this week. Should be easy, right? Hahaha… well, not if you know me. Of course, I realize that my idea of perfection is no more than an ever climbing bar of expectations. Yet, I still find that I am holding myself to this impossible and unrealistic measurement. When I do this I am not only setting myself up for a perceived failure but I am blocking my ability to make important mistakes. 

So, this week I am Striving For Less Than Perfect so that I may give space to make those important mistakes and as a result that I may learn and grow. 

Permission to make important mistakes

I look forward to hearing about your intentions and what you experience throughout the week. If this isn’t a part of your life practice, give it a try and see what you notice. Setting and living by your weekly (and even daily) intention is a powerful way to achieve successful mileage toward the roadmap of your larger goal. 

xo Nina

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